38 Free WordPress Themes for Niche Websites



38 Free WordPress Themes for Niche WebsitesWhat’s the best WordPress Theme to use for niche Adsense sites?  Is there one theme that should be used all the time?  Or should a new theme be used for each site? These are some of the questions that you should consider when building sites.  If you are only building one or two larger sites, then this is really not an issue.  You just find a great looking theme for your site and go for it!

However, if you are going to be building dozens of small niche sites, in my opinion you will want to use different looking themes for nearly all your sites.  The reason?  Manual reviews.  If for any reason Google decides to manually review your sites, you don’t want to get caught with having every single one of your sites looking exactly the same.  If nothing looks unique or original on your sites, then this will raise a big red flag to a manual reviewer.  Of course, we never know exactly what the Google algorithm or manual reviewers are going to do when they visit our sites, so I believe its best to keep each site looking as unique as possible.

I personally started out building lots of small niche sites about 2 years ago (I built several other larger sites before that were complete flops).  When I was building those sites, I used the exact same theme on all of them.  All of my sites looked exactly the same with the same theme, same ad layouts, colors, and everything.  Since that time, I’m pretty sure these sites were manually reviewed (can you ever know for sure?), penalized, and I had other tough learning experiences.  I went on from those experiences to build more unique sites and produced better content, and as a result my Google Adsense earnings have surpassed what they were before these “tough” experiences.

So, I have some background when I state that you want to try to make each site as unique as possible.  Yes, its a little more work, but I believe its worth it.  Now when I build my sites, I do my best to use a different theme on each site.  I certainly have some repeats of themes that I really like; however, I do my best to switch it up.  Here are a list of both free and paid themes that I have used in the past for my niche websites.

38 Free Themes for Niche Websites

1. Bluesense – This and Prosense are the 2 themes that I used on all of my sites initially.  Bluesense produces the best Click Through Rate I have ever seen.  However, lots of these sites got penalized.  I don’t think it was Bluesense per se that caused it, but the fact that I used the same theme (could have been any theme?) on all my sites. I don’t use these themes on new sites now.

2. Prosense Grey – Another free theme by DoshDosh, like Bluesense.  (Please note that DoshDosh.com no longer appears to be a working site [which is really sad because it was an excellent blog] so these themes will not be up to date).

3. Green Park 2 by Cordobo.com

4. DarkZen by DailyBlogTips

5. iFeature theme

6. iStudio theme

7. Platform theme

8. zBench theme

9. EvoLve Theme

10. Arjuna X theme

11. Light and Modern Theme

12. zeeDisplay Theme by ThemeZee.com

13. Baza Noclegowa Theme

14. Light Clean Blue Theme

15. Minimal Georgia Theme

16. Mflat theme

17. Magazine Basic Theme

18 – 30. Fthemes.com – I have probably used over a dozen free themes from this site.  The only downside is they require links in the footer to their sites, the theme will be disabled if you mess with the links.  Or you can pay $19 to buy the theme without the links.

31. Application Theme

32. Jenny Theme by SpeckyGeek.com

33. iBlog Theme

34. Whitehouse Theme

35. Intrepidity Theme

36. Magnolia Theme

37. SilverRay by BlogPerfume.com

38. Original Premium News by WooThemes

Premium Themes (Not free)

39. Arthemia by Color Labs

40. Polished theme by Elegant Themes

41. Coldstone theme by Elegant Themes

42. ThemeForest.com – I have purchased a few premium themes from Theme Forest (including the one for the NichePursuits blog!); so there are lots of good options here for those sites you want a real eye catching design for.

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